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Infants Through 24 Months


Birth to 24 month old babies begin to learn about the world from their experiences with the adults in their lives. Our teachers are trained to use infant and toddler curriculum which was developed specifically for the education of your baby. This curriculum provides everything necessary for a teacher to create a classroom environment that will have a very positive impact on your baby’s growth and development. It is our goal that all infants and toddlers in our program will be supported by loving and kind teachers who encourage their early development through language, movement and positive teacher-child interaction.


Preschool Curriculum


Children 2-5 years of age will use our hands-on, age-appropriate curriculum offering math, science, art, and language activities that provide valuable experiences for our anxious learners as they prepare for the adventures of kindergarten. Character development is built right into our daily lessons for promoting positive social interaction as well as to create and maintain an environment conducive to learning. Four and five year olds enrolled in our Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten (VPK) classes are absolutely FREE, offered year round (both school year and summer) and taught by experienced CDA and State of Florida Licensed Teachers.


School Age Program


Children 5 - 12 enjoy our thematic approach using high interest topics and student generated lessons and activities. The lesson plans are developed to enhance their education in a fun environment after school. As children explore the high-interest themes, they will experience subjects throughout the year that will establish concrete knowledge that makes the learning meaningful. Our large play yard provides a perfect environment for teacher guided, group sports and outdoor activities.







Autumn Leaf Academy provides daily before and after school care for children who attend the following schools:


Walden Lake Elementary School

Trapnell Elementary School

J.S. Robinson Elementary School

Advantage Academy

Springhead Elementary

Burney Elementary




picture shows only the hands of what appears to be 4 children and on e adult with mancured nails alld using differnt colored markers to draw boxes with bows and stars on a half sheet of 8.5 by 11 white paper

Give us a call: 813-752-4561


blonde child with pigtails on both sides of the head and a brown haired child with braids on both sides of the head looking directly into the camera smiling
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