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Autumn Leaf Academy is dedicated to providing children ages 12 months up to 12 years with a safe, healthy and happy environment guided by well trained and efficient staff. As caring staff members dedicated to caring for children, we acknowledge and strive for the total development for each individual.​

We believe that children learn from hands-on experiences and that children should be given the opportunity to participate in activities that provide stimulation and validation of their individual learning style. It is also our belief that children want and need repetition to establish order, master skills, and build self-confidence. Children learn from each other and need ample time to solve problems, develop language and gain independence. Not all children will learn or behave the same, but it is our duty to give each child an opportunity to shine in ways that the child feels successful, happy, and safe. Students require firm expectations so that they know what is expected of them, however, behavior modification should always be centered and focused through and around love.


Our center has an open door policy, meaning anytime you want to visit your child's classroom you may. We encourage family involvement and feel it is a necessary part of your child's success. Our teachers and staff will partner with you to provide a consistant foundation for your child's growth, development, health and happiness.

Teacher, smiling, looking at school aged girl, smiling,  holding a pencil, and appears to be doing in-class work. Boy in the background of the picrure between the teacher and girl.  boy slightly blurred out. Also appears to be doing in-class work.

Give us a call: 813-752-4561


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NAC Validation

Autumn Leaf Academy has been awarded NAC Accreditation and the Florida Gold Seal of approval for excellence in childcare!


Autumn Leaf Academy Teachers Are...


Proud to be professionals who really care about children's welfare and development.


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